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Kiwi is botanically named as Actinidia deliciosa belongs to the genus Atinidia family Atinidiaeae. Actinidia deliciosa is borne on a vigorous, woody, twining vine or climbing shrub reaching 9 m. Its leaves are alternate, long-petioled, deciduous, and oval ...

Botanical NamesActinidia deliciosa
Indian Names-

Nelumbo nucifera, known by a number of names including Indian Lotus, Sacred Lotus, Bean of India, or simply Lotus, is a plant in the monogeneric family Nelumbonaceae. This plant is an aquatic perennial. The lotus is an aquatic plant that grows three to si ...

Botanical NamesNelumbo nucifera
Indian NamesSanskrit : Padma pushpa Hindi : Kamal Marathi : Kamal Gujarati : Kamal Tamil : Thamarai

Jasminum sambac is a species belongs to the family Oleaceae and genus Jasminum. Jasminum sambac is native to southwestern, southern, and southeastern Asia. It is the national flower of the Philippines, where it is known as Sampaguita. It is an evergreen v ...

Botanical NamesJasminum sambac
Indian NamesSanskrit : Mallika Hindi : Mogra Marathi : Mogra Telugu : Mallepuvvu Tamil : Mallikaipu Kannada : dundu Mallige

Apricot fruit is botanically named as Prunus armeniaca, is a species of Prunus, classified with the plum in the subgenus Prunus. It is a small tree, 8–12 m tall; the leaves are ovate, 5–9 cm long and 4–8 cm wide, and a finely serrated margin. The flowers ...

Botanical NamesPrunus armeniaca
Indian NamesSanskrit : Urumana Hindi : Khubani Marathi : Jardaloo Gujarati : Jardalu Tamil : Apricot Telugu : Apricot pandalu Kannada : Apricot Bengali ...

Hadjod is botanically termed as Cissus quadrangularis. It is a perennial plant of the grape family. It belongs to the genus Cissus and family Vitaceae. It is probably native to India or Sri Lanka, but is also found in Africa, Arabia, and Southeast Asia. C ...

Indian NamesHindi : Hadjod, Harjora, Asthisanhari Bengali : Harjora Gujrati : Hadasankala Kannad : Mangroli Malyalam : Cannalam Paranta, Piranta Marathi : Hadsandhi, Chaudhari Tamil : Peranda ...