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Aegle marmelos is generally called as Bael. It is a species of tree native to India. It is present throughout Southeast Asia as a naturalized species. It belongs to the family Rutaceae and subfamily Aurantioideae. It is the only member of the monotypic ge ...

Botanical NamesAegle marmelos
Indian NamesSanskrit : Bilva, Shivaphala, Adhararuha, Sivadrumah, Tripatra Hindi : Bel Marathi : Bel Tamil : Vilvam Malayalam ...

Eclipta alba is commonly known as bhringraj in India. It also has a synonym as Eclipta prostata. It is a plant belongs to the family Asteraceae. It grows commonly in moist places as a weed all over the world. It is widely distributed throughout India, Chi ...

Botanical NamesEclipta alba
Indian NamesSanskrit : Ajagara, Bhringaraja, Kesaraja Bengali : Keshori, Kesuti Gujarati : Bhangra, Kaluganthi, Dodhak Hindi : Bhangra Malayalam : Kyonni Marathi : Maka Kannada ...
AttachmentBhringraj Soft Extract.pdf (960 views)

Mangosteen fruit is botanically named as Garcinia mangostana. It belongs to family Guttiferae. It is a tropical evergreen tree believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia. The tree grows from 7 to 25 m tall. The rind of ...

Botanical NamesGarcinia mangostana
Indian NamesHindi :Mangustan Bengali :Mangustan; Gujarati : Mangostin, Mangastin, Mangustan; Malayalam :Mangusta Tamil : Sulambali;

Arnica is a genus with about 30 perennial, herbaceous species, belonging to the sunflower family Asteraceae. Arnica montana or Leopard's Bane is a perennial herb, indigenous to Central Europe. It has been found in England and Southern Scotland. The leaves ...

Botanical NamesArnica montana
Indian NamesArnica

Boerhaavia diffusa is a member of Nyctaginaceae plant family. This creeping herb is found in many warm parts of the earth, mainly throughout India and ascending to 2,300m altitude in the hot Himalayan valleys, Brazil, Iran, and Nigeria etc. This wide rang ...

Botanical NamesBoerhavia diffusa
Indian NamesSanskrit : Punarnava, Rakta punarnava Bengali : Rakta punarnava, Swetpunya Gujarati : Dholisaturdi, Satodi Hindi : Vishkhapara, Santha, Gahadpurna Malayalam : Thumithathma, Titudamma Marathi : Raktavasu, Tambadivasu, Ghetu ...
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