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Dried fruits of Emblica officinalis Gaertn.(Syn. Phyllanthus emblica Linn.)., are found both in the wild and cultivated state; all over India.

Botanical NamesEmblica Officinalis
Indian NamesSans. : Amalaka Beng. : Amlaki Guj. : Ambala, Amala Hindi : Amla, Aonla Mal. : Nelli Mar. : Avala Kan. : Amalaka, Nelli Tam. : Nelli Tel. : Usirikai, Usirika
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Indian Sarsaparilla scientifically termed as Hemidesmus indicus, is a species of plant that is found in South Asia. It is a slender, laticiferous, twining, sometimes prostrate or semi-erect shrub. Roots are woody and aromatic. The stem is numerous, slende ...

Botanical NamesHemidesmus indicus
Indian NamesHindi : Antamul/Anantmool Sanskrit : Arkaparni, Anthrapachaka Gujarati : Anantmul, Uppalsri, Sariva Marathi : Anantvel Bengali : Anantmul, Shymlatta Kan ...

Ficus carica commonly known as common fig. Ficus carica is a large, deciduous shrub or small tree native to southwest Asia and the Mediterranean region. It belongs to family Moraceae. It grows to a height of 6.9–10 meters tall, with smooth grey bark. The ...

Botanical NamesFicus carica
Indian NamesSanskrit : Anjira, Phalgu, Manjula Bengali : Doomoor, Anjir Marathi : Anjir Hindi : Anjir, Anjeer Gujarati : Anjra Kannada : Anjura, Anjuri Kashmiri : Injeer, Unjoor Urdu ...

The apple is the pomaceous fruit called Pyrus malus belongs to the rose family Rosaceae, and is a perennial. It is one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits, and the most widely known of the many members of genus Malus that are used by humans. The tre ...

Botanical NamesPyrus Malus
Indian NamesSanskrit : Sevama, Phalprabhaidaha Hindi : Seb Marathi : Safarchand Kannada : Sebu Gujarati : Safarjun
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Apricot fruit is botanically named as Prunus armeniaca, is a species of Prunus, classified with the plum in the subgenus Prunus. It is a small tree, 8–12 m tall; the leaves are ovate, 5–9 cm long and 4–8 cm wide, and a finely serrated margin. The flowers ...

Botanical NamesPrunus armeniaca
Indian NamesSanskrit : Urumana Hindi : Khubani Marathi : Jardaloo Gujarati : Jardalu Tamil : Apricot Telugu : Apricot pandalu Kannada : Apricot Bengali ...