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Lawsonia alba is generally termed as Henna. It belongs to the genus Lawsonia and family Lythraceae. Henna is a tall shrub or small tree, 2.6 m high. It is glabrous, multibranched with spine tipped branchlets. Leaves are opposite, entire, glabrous, sub-ses ...

Botanical NamesLawsonia alba
Indian NamesSanskrit : Madyantika Bengali : Mehedi, Mendi Gujarati : Medi, Mendi Hindi : Mehandi Malayalam : Mailanji Marathi : Mehndi, Panwar, Mendhi, Mehandi, Padchi-Methi Kannada : Madarangi Tamil : Marithondi, ...
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Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, generally known as the Chinese hibiscus or shoe flower, is an evergreen flowering shrub native to East Asia. Hibiscus rasa sinensis belongs to the family Malvaceae and genus Hibiscus. It is widely grown as an ornamental plant throu ...

Botanical NamesHibiscus rosa-sinensi
Indian NamesSanskrit : Japapushpa Hindi : Gurhal Marathi : Jaswand Gujarati : Jasud Bengali : Jaba Tamil : Shapa-tup Telagu : Dasnamu
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Himalayan rhubarb

Rheum emodi, commonly known as Himalayan rhubarb, is a medicinal herb used in the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine. It belongs to the family Polygonaceae. The plant is found in the sub-alpine and alpine Himalayas at an altitude of 4000 meters.Rheum emo ...

Botanical NamesRheum emodi
Indian NamesSanskrit : Amlaparni, Revatchini Bengali : Rheuchini, Banglarevanchini Gujarati : Gamnirevanchini Hindi : Revand chini Mararathi : Mulka-cha-revalchini Kannada : Natreva-chini Tamil : Natti-erevalchinni Telugu : Nattupam puchi ...

Aesculus hippocastanum belongs to the family Hippocastanaceae. It is native to western Asia. It grows well in North India at foothills of Himalayas. It is widely cultivated throughout the temperate world. It grows to 36 m tall, with a domed crown of stout ...

Botanical NamesAesculus hippocastanum
Indian NamesAesculus hippocastanum Horsechestnut
Indian Barberry

Berberis aristata is generally known as Indian Barberry or Tree Turmeric. It belongs to the genus Berberis and family Berberidaceae. It is found in the temperate and sub-tropical regions of Asia, Europe, and America. B. aristata is native to the Himalayas ...

Botanical NamesBerberis aristata
Indian NamesSanskrit : Daruharidra, Darvi, Kata, Pitadaru, Suvarnavarna Hindi : Chitra, Dar-hald, Rasaut, Kashmal Bengali : Daruharidra Gujarati : Daruharidra Kannada : Maradarisha ...
Botanical Names: Ricinus communis
Botanical Names: Ficus racemosa
Botanical Names: Gymnema sylvestre belongs to the family Asclepiadaceae. It is a vulnerable species slow growing, perennial, medicinal woody climber found in central and peninsular India. Gymnema Sylvestre is large climbers, rooting at nodes, leaves elliptic, acuminate, b ...